“It's time to take a stand”—that's the opening line of a new initiative's website, which sees hundreds of bands donating their Bandcamp proceeds to A Voice For The Innocent.

The goal of Take A Stand is to promote safe spaces within the music community.

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“If you’re reading this post it means you cared enough to get involved and actively stand against the misogyny that plagues our music scene, and for that, we are so thankful,” a post on its website says. “This was thrown together in such short notice and we couldn’t have done it without you. We built a mountain overnight. Because of you, many more abuse survivors are going to have access to resources.”

Take A Stand is asking bands to make their music “pay what you want” on Bandcamp and donate proceeds to A Voice For The Innocent.

A Voice For The Innocent is a “non profit community of support for victims of rape and sex abuse.”

Bands can choose how long the donation period runs. When they're ready, bands can donate here.

Find out who is participating here.

The initiative's mission is:

To create safe spaces and use our collective voices as a vehicle for positive change within our music community. We and the music industry professionals we work with strive to create a better scene and engender lasting change through the songs we write and the shows we play.

To get involved online, use the hashtag #BandsTakeAStand with the below picture. You can follow Take A Stand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.