[Photo by: grotesquemakeup/Instagram]

Looking to add a little something spooky to your beauty routine this Halloween? Sure, spooky bath bombs are cool, and blood liner is definitely eerie. But bat wing liner?

It’s a witchy dream come true.

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We’re all about these vampy vibes during the Halloween season, and nothing screams “Happy Halloween” like bat wing liner that’s making waves in the Insta world.

The lovely Kat Von D gave a brilliant (and seriously simple) tutorial a few years back, which you can follow below:

However, Instagram beauty gurus have taken it upon themselves to make the trend their own. From the seriously spooky to the batty and beautiful, here are a few of the best takes on the wing trend that has us shrieking with joy:

Just think: If you’re still looking for that last minute Halloween costume, bat liner might just be the easiest way to go.

What are your thoughts on the incredibly intricate trend—would you give bat eyeliner a go? Let us know in the comments below!