Bayside has released a benefit T-shirt for Hurricane Sandy relief. All proceeds go to the Greater New York American Red Cross.

The limited edition design features Bayside’s bird logo in place of the heart, playing on the popular “I ‘Heart’ NY” shirts.

You can purchase it at Bayside’s webstore.

Read a statement from the band below:

“Most people are aware by now of the effects that Hurricane Sandy had on areas of the Northeast. The images and commentary have already become unavoidable on the news and on social networks. The four members of Bayside all call Long Island, Queens and Manhattan home. These were some of the most heavily damaged areas. We have friends and family members that have died, had damage to their houses or lost power as a result of the storm. Needless to say, we have been severely affected by this storm and being on the road right now, stuck watching the terrible images on television with everyone else has us feeling helpless.

We decided the best way that we could help our families and friends and the families and friends of others is by offering our platform as a means to raise money. Millions of people are without power, thousands have been displaced with billions of dollars in damage. We’re offering a shirt in our webstore right now where all proceeds will be donated to the Greater New York American Red Cross. It’s a great way for everyone around the country to help in the relief effort.

Our friends, families and neighborhoods mean everything to us and they have always been there for us. We want to be there for them. Help us do that.”