Beartooth brainiac Caleb Shomo recently sat down with Kerrang! to talk on how he plans to follow-up the band’s critical acclaimed debut, Disgusting. “I’m really not worried about it,” he claims. “I’ve got some new songs that I think are way better [than those on Disgusting]. But I’m not gonna try to make a new sound or anything, it’s gonna be a Beartooth record. I see so many bands that gain success on their first record, and then they’re like, ‘We gotta go bigger, so we need to completely change the sound of our band,’ which makes no sense to me at all. [The new record] is gonna be intense, and heavy, [with] lots of sing-alongs. Same shit as always.”

Listen: Caleb Shomo shares clip of new Beartooth song

You can watch the interview below. Be sure to let us know if you’re stoked to hear new material from the band.

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