Through our endless scrolling and clicking, we inevitably come across a massive amount of content that doesn't necessarily warrant a news story on its own—but is amusing nonetheless. Instead of letting those small, yet noteworthy, moments slip through the cracks, we decided to gather them up in one convenient, post. Check out our favorite internet moments of the week below.

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Behind the scenes Panic! At The Disco photos.

More “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” madness. Is it actually the best of both worlds, though?

The Mark Hoppus/Gerard Way(-Out) debacle continues.

Mikey Way + Jack Barakat + Alex Gaskarth = Happiness.

5th wheeler.

Someone have a teleportation slash time machine they would like to lend me?

Check out Gerard Way’s DC Young Animal update:

Tyler from State Champs making Caleb Shomo from Beartooth horny—actually all we need on Twitter, if I’m correct.

Mayday Parade and We The Kings Warped Tour throwback.

Get well soon, Jess!

Modern Baseball have Soupy’s blessing.

Even the NYTimes agrees.

Cute scene couple of the week: Mariel from Candy Hearts and Glenn from Moose Blood.

Wow, is right. The throwback we all needed.

Happy Misadventures! Here's some Pierce The Veil support from the scene:

This just in: Travis Barker’s kid is cooler than all of us.

Actual supergroup.


All Time Pope At Six supergroup get together at the @thisispvris show.

A photo posted by Rian (@riandawson) on

Mikey and Andy Black!

Andrew WK gets it.

Real Friends with a llama. That’s all, really.

I feel like no one here listens to Peace, but here’s a tweet from their frontman that will hopefully make you chuckle.

Catch up on the Maine’s lives.

What's your favorite moment from the past week? What'd we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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