Between You & Me, "Famous"

Between You & Me take on “Famous” music moments in new video

Between You & Me unleash new single "Famous" with an exemplary music video to match.

May 17, 2019
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Melbourne pop-punk band Between You & Me have recently shared their new single “Famous.” To go along with the single, the band have additionally unleashed a wholesome music video.

In the video, the band go through the decades, putting themselves in different eras and aesthetics along the way. Additionally, the band pay homage to iconic legends in music such as Beyonce and NSYNC

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However, after Between You & Me coast through different eras in music, the band return to their true form, all while remaining innovative and commanding. 

That said, the song itself features lively riffs caught in-between catchy hooks and choruses.

You can listen to “Famous” and watch the fun music video below.

Between You & Me signed to Hopeless Records back in July 2017. Since their signing, the band have released their first full-length Everything Is Temporary, which you can pick up for yourselves here.

“The whole record is summed up by the line ‘Everything Is Temporary,’” vocalist Jake Wilson says of the record in a story with The Rockpit. “In fact, it’s the last line of the entire album. It’s a philosophy about accepting the good and the bad and rolling with the punches. About making sure you take all the good stuff and run with it, because it won’t last forever—and neither will the bad.”

You can listen to “Dakota” from Everything Is Temporary below. 

Between You & Me are about to embark on a tour in the UK. You can check out dates and secure your tickets here.

What do you think of Between You & Me’s latest single, “Famous”? Let us know in the comments below.

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