Big Jesus have released a new music video for their single “Nothing Like I Thought” from their new EP, Not A Dreamer.

There’s a lot going on in this music video. With aliens, spaceships and phone zombies, this whole music video is exceptionally weird and out of this world.

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The premise of the music video is that a band of aliens take over one of Big Jesus’ shows in Mexico. But not before they do a rehearsal in their purple spaceship. They teleport to New Mexico and steal Big Jesus’ touring van—with them still in it.

But they don’t notice because they’re too busy on their cellphones. While the aliens shred onstage, the audience is too distracted with their phones to realize that it’s not Big Jesus. There’s one alien fan in the audience that enjoys it, at least.

After performing their set, the alien band make their way back to their spaceship to continue grooving until the music video transmission ends.

“We thought of the concept for the video while on tour and seeing countless people with their heads down, buried into their cellphones while standing at the front of a stage during a band,” guitarist CJ Ridings says. “If you’re reading this, please don’t do that. Enjoy the experience right in front of you.”

While Big Jesus came up with the concept for the music video themselves, the rest of the video for “Nothing Like I Thought” was executed by videographer Jason Travis.

Most notably, Travis worked with Big Jesus on their last music video “Always,” which took fans backstage with the band. Travis has also worked on other music videos, such as Sealions’ aeriall video for “Climbers.”

While the audience and band were too occupied by their phones to notice, Big Jesus are totally stanning over these aliens.

Not A Dreamer features four songs and will be released Oct. 19. Fans of the band can preorder the EP now, along with alien merch and more.