Legendary riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill originally self-released their very first demo tape, titled Revolution Girl Style Now, in 1991. As of September 22 this year, the band's initial work will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally for the first time ever via Bikini Kill Records. There's also a limited edition cassette replica of the original demo tape available. To top it all off, the reissue will feature three unreleased tracks for a total of 11 on the new version, all of which you can find in the listing below.

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You can view a trailer for the re-release below which features some original live footage, including the band's very first show in Olympia, Washington. You can pre-order Revolution Girl Style Now through Bikini Kill Records.

Track listing:
1) Candy
2) Daddy’s L’il Girl
3) Feels Blind
4) Suck My Left One
5) Carnival
6) This Is Not A Test
7) Double Dare Ya
8) Liar
9) Ocean Song*
10) Just Once*
11) Playground*
* = bonus tracks