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Pennywise has spoken—don’t expect It: Chapter Two to be the same as the original.

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The sequel to the blockbuster horror movie It starts filming this summer, and the adult versions of the kids in the Losers’ Club are currently being cast. Even though all of these changes are happening for the second movie, one thing remains the same—Bill Skarsgard will still terrify fans within his role as Pennywise. Den of Geek spoke with Skarsgard about what fans can expect from the sequel.

“It’s going to be a very different experience this time around, just given the fact that you have all of these incredible, seasoned actors to play against, as opposed to having all the kids,” Skarsgard said. “So it’s going to be a different experience for sure. But I’m looking forward to it.”

It: Chapter Two, directed by Andy Muschietti, will take place nearly 30 years later, when the Losers’ Club returns to Derry, Maine, to face Pennywise once again. The kids from the first movie are still set to appear in flashbacks in the film, but there will be additions of the adult versions of the children.

As for the new cast, Jessica Chastain will play Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy will play Bill Denbrough, Bill Hader will take on the role of Richie Tozier, James Ransone will be Eddie Kaspbrak, Jay Ryan will play Ben Hanscom and Andy Bean will play Stan Uris. The actor who will play Mike Hanlon has yet to be cast for the film.

The film, based off the Stephen King novel, will arrive in theaters Sept. 6, 2019.

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