In November 1894, William H. Donaldson and James Hennegan founded Billboard as a trade paper for advertisers. In the 1950s, music became the company’s major focus. 

Today, Billboard doubles itself as a magazine and website. It also maintains various industry charts, such as the Top 200 and Hot 100, which are recognized internationally.  

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From time to time, Billboard has been known to request commentary from industry executives in the form of questionnaires. While the inquiry’s contents have been known to be placidly intentioned, an anonymous survey from the industry giant that leaked late last week has many readers appalled. 

As NPR reports, questions included “Who is the most devious executive in the music industry?” and “Which artist's private behavior belies his/her sterling public persona?” 

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Now in the public’s eye, most of the survey’s content has been met with stern indignation, with the following being of particular focus: 

“Who do you believe:     

▪    Kesha     
▪    Dr. Luke” 

The proposed topic stems from a lawsuit Kesha filled against her producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, which attests that the pop star was sexually abused by Gottwald. 

“Who is the most press-hungry executive in the music industry?” and “Have you ever witnessed an act of racism or sexism in the industry in the past year?” were among other inquiries

Billboard senior editor Frank DiGiacomo is listed as the questionnaire’s contact. An introduction claims the results are scheduled to be published in the magazine’s September 19 issue.