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[Photos via Billie Eilish/Lars Crommelinck via Wikimedia Commons, Donald Trump/Shealah Craighead via Wikimedia Commons]

A recent bizarre leaked document from the Trump Administration reveals that Billie Eilish was among the celebrities considered for a pro-Trump coronavirus campaign.

Eilish was later removed from the consideration list for not being a Trump supporter. However, there’s another detail within the document that is raising eyebrows.

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For the past few months, Eilish has openly supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the 2020 general election. As well, she has used social media as a way to express the importance of voting to fans.

Now, it looks like Eilish was actually considered to be part of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. According to the Washington Post, a leaked document reveals information about the administration’s $250 million coronavirus ad campaign. The campaign was meant to “defeat despair and inspire hope” amid the pandemic and include various celebrity cameos.

Among those considered to appear in the campaign was Eilish. According to the leaked report, Trump’s Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Michael Caputo suggested that the ad should focus on the theme of “Helping The President Help The Country.”

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Since Eilish is not a Trump supporter, she was blocked from appearing in the campaign for this reason. However, officials accused Eilish of “destroying our country and everything we care about” in the leaked document. The particular wording of the comment is interesting as it resembles what Eilish said about Donald Trump during the Democratic Convention.

Along with Eilish, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake were also blocked from appearing in the campaign. This is due to their past voting history and open support for anyone but Donald Trump.

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The document further reveals that at least 247 celebrities were considered for the coronavirus campaign. However, only 10 were approved including actor Dennis Quaid, Billy Ray Cyrus and Enrique Iglesias.

For those expecting a response from Billie Eilish on the Trump Administration’s comments, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. However, this old video of Eilish is probably pretty close to how she would react to the news.

The Washington Post‘s full report on the leaked document is available to read here.

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