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Earlier this month, Billie Eilish‘s award-winning hit “bad guy” surpassed 1 billion streams on YouTube.

Now, Eilish has teamed up with the platform to launch “Infinite bad guy,” an interactive video that is the first of its kind.

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For the “Infinite bad guy” video, YouTube is bringing together thousands of cover videos to create a fan remix of the track that never ends. The video opens up with Eilish’s original visual for “bad guy.” However, with the help of AI technology, the never-ending video then merges together over 15,000 cover videos from around the world for an infinite experience. Now, you really never have to stop listening to “bad guy.”

YouTube launched the new video on Monday in celebration of “bad guy” surpassing 1 billion streams on the platform. “Infinite bad guy” will play without ads so fans can enjoy this first-ever milestone for Eilish.

“Billie Eilish is an exceptional artist, and it’s clear her fans on YouTube agree,” Vivien Lewit, YouTube global head of artist relations says. “This is a thank-you to Billie and all her friends.”

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For those that tune in to watch the infinite video more than once, you’ll notice something different. YouTube says that viewers will see a different montage of videos each time they watch it, making the experience completely unique to each fan.

The site also includes scrolling hashtags so viewers can find “bad guy” covers based on genre and instruments used. As well, fans can hit pause to see all of the previously watched videos and visit the creators’ YouTube pages for more content.

Eilish’s “Infinite bad guy” video is available to experience at

This year, Eilish’s YouTube videos have earned over 4 billion global viewers. Her YouTube page has over 35 million subscribers, a feat that puts her in the top 15 of the most-subscribed music artists on the platform.

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Earlier this month, Eilish unveiled an entertaining video for her new single “Therefore I Am.” The track will appear on her upcoming album which she is currently working on with her brother FINNEAS.

Currently, Eilish has no plans to release the album during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she is very excited for fans to hear the record when the timing is right.

“I’m really, really happy that we’ve been able to make the things that we’re making,” she says. “And I can’t wait for you to hear this shit. I can’t wait to have the world hear. I’m very excited and hopeful for the future.”

What are your reactions to the “Infinite bad guy” video? Which cover have you been impressed with most so far? Let us know in the comments below.