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Billie Joe Armstrong continues to contribute to the punk community, even if it’s not with his iconic band Green Day.

This time, Armstrong is joining past collaborator and punk rocker Jesse Malin for a new track arriving in June.

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The new track, “Strangers And Thieves,” isn’t the example of Armstrong and Malin joining forces. Aside from playing countless underground shows together throughout the years, the pair formed the side-project Rodeo Queens a few years back.

Armstrong has been staying busy enough himself, also appearing on a recent Morrissey track.

Malin took to Twitter to announce the collab along with the enchanting album art.

“Excited to announce my new song ‘Strangers and Thieves’ featuring @billiejoe – available for pre-order now! Pre-order digitally and on Limited Edition colored vinyl,” the tweet reads.

Even if fans are anxiously awaiting a new Green Day record, features like this from Armstrong should stave off the hunger for a follow up to Revolution Radio.

Armstrong has been extending his influence past the music world as of late, with Green Day’s feminist-inspired book slated for release Oct. 29.

Despite seemingly good intentions, however, the band has come under fire for a lack of female presence on the book’s editorial staff.

Described by the publisher as “an inspiring homage and handbook for the rebellious everywoman who refuses to capitulate,” fans have raised questions concerning the all-male team behind the book.

The choice of a male illustrator in Frank Caruso to bring the picture book to life is being scrutinized.

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