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Black Veil Brides’ new single “Scarlet Cross” is on the way, but that’s not all

Black Veil Brides have plenty of plans in store for this new era.

November 2, 2020
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Last week, Black Veil Brides sent fans on a little scavenger hunt to decode some cryptic clues about their upcoming new music.

Now, after various theories and fans predictions, Black Veil Brides have finally confirmed when their new single “Scarlet Cross” is arriving. As well, it looks like Black Veil Brides have even more news on the way.

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Over the past few months, Black Veil Brides have been hard at work on their next album. At the start of August, Jeremy “Jinxx” Ferguson revealed that BVB are revisiting the idea of creating a concept album like 2013’s Wretched and Divine.

“I can’t talk too much about what we envision for the next album, but we are revisiting the idea of another concept record like we did with Wretched And Divine,” he said. “It would be fun to do another concept CD, but we’ll see how things pan out.”

Andy Biersack further confirmed that BVB are making another concept album and that Jake Pitts is producing the whole release. As well, this upcoming LP will deal with more than just music. BVB are exploring other creative outlets to truly bring their new music to life.

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“There’s art, drawings, comic book designs, we wanna do a movie and all this shit, it’s a big expansive thing and we’re really excited about it,” Biersack said.

Pitts also revealed that this new batch of songs are some of the best they’ve ever created.

I can’t wait for everybody to hear the new stuff,” Pitts shared. “I think as songwriters we’ve all got so much better and I think some of the new stuff we’re doing is some of the best stuff we’ve ever written.”

Then, on Oct. 27, Black Veil Brides sent fans into a tailspin when they shared three cryptic clues online. The three clues are of a black crow, black mask and red cross. The clues quickly led fans to believe that a new BVB era is on its way which, of course, means new music.

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Fans quickly began to decode the clues and came up with various thoughts on what each could mean. One clever fan noticed that the crow clue could be in reference to the 1994 film The Crow. According to fans, The Crow is one of Biersack’s favorite films.

Another fan noted that the mask clue could be in reference to The Phantom Of The Opera, another one of Biersack’s favorite stories. This theory also relates back to the #JoinThePhantomTomorrow hashtag that is being used in the posts.

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Now, it looks like Black Veil Brides have confirmed what the red cross clue means. On Monday, the band announced that their new single “Scarlet Cross” is arriving on Friday, Nov. 13. BVB shared an exclusive clip of the upcoming song that offers a glimpse into their next release’s sound.

As well, Black Veil Brides unveiled their new band logo for this upcoming era. They also shared a brief description of what their next album may be about.

“…and so their flames of heresy ignite the core of despair. The anointed torment the unconventional. Have you lost faith? Will you find it? Those who hold the power emblazon a mark across our hearts to show the world around them that we have fallen. What comes next? We rise.”

What do you think BVB’s concept album is about? Are you ready to hear their new single on Nov. 13? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Rachael Dowd