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While we thought black ice cream was the peak goth summer treat, it looks like it’ll have some equally dark competition when it comes to finding the food that’s as dark as your soul. The goth latte, made with activated charcoal, is the perfect shade of black to start your day off right.

Check out photos of the dark as night latte below!

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According to Teen Vogue, these lattes are created with activated charcoal, which reportedly has both detoxifying and purifying properties, making it a must-have in the world of health and beauty.

But for most people, it’s simply the perfect Instagrammable treat. According to Buzzfeed, at this point, shops in the UK and Australia are serving up the goth-inspired treat, and we can only hope that it makes its way stateside soon.

Check out some of the moodiest pictures below, and don’t mind us as we swoon over its beauty.


A rather gorgeous charcoal latte don't you think? At @rawberryjuice earlier with my gorgeous mom, the best place in #winchester 🙂 I turned 27 today homies, it sure feels like I should have achieved a lot more by now but isn't that just an illusion we all fall for… I love life, I get to live and that is really all I want. It's easy to want for more and I do all the time, I put unspoken pressure on life, people, situations that I always want to be “better”. Ahh… Dear ego: it's your birthday today too and I wish you a chill mindset.. I wish you to relax, smoke a cigar, watch a sunset and read a good book once in a while. You'll feel how good it is to just be and breathe sometime. Night hobbitses. #itsmybirthday #happybirthdaytome #birthdaygirl #omedetougozaimasu #rawberryjuice #plantbased #charcoallatte #veganfood #whatiate #mymomisthebest #loveyourself #minimalist #loveyourbody #selfloveprescriptions #veganlatte #loa #abrahamster #eckharttolle #goodnight

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Start your morning off right by blasting our essential obscure goth playlist with your goth latte in tow, and while you’re at it, find out who your goth style inspiration is by taking our quiz below!

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