[Photo by: Marvel Studios]

Get ready, Marvel fans. The newest superhero film is already dominating box offices around the world, sealing its fate as one of the biggest superhero films to date. 

Marvel's Black Panther is set to come out in just over two weeks, and judging from the advanced ticket sales, most superhero-lovers are pretty excited about it.

As Indiewire explains, the film has made its mark on Fandango's website, already moving more pre-sale tickets than any of its superhero predecessors. 

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While King T'Challa has been a huge part of the Marvel Universe prior to 2016, many Marvel movie fans recognize the king when he first made his cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War. Following the film, many fans were immediately taken by the superhero. 

The film is considered by many to be a trailblazer, as it's unlike any of the superhero movies we've seen before. First making history in his comic book debut in 1966, the king was Marvel's first black superhero. 

Black Panther will also be making history as the first Marvel movie with a majority black cast, which is something that many fans are excited about. EW found in a survey, conducted by Fandango, that many of its surveryors were excited to see the film for its positive messages. 

“The buzz on Black Panther is electric,” says Fandango managing editor Erik Davis in a statement. “Early screening audiences say it is one of Marvel’s best movies ever, and the positive word-of-mouth is helping drive the movie’s spectacular advance ticket sales.”

Earlier this month, the film started making headlines as it surpassed Captain America: Civil War's first day advanced ticket sales record. With such major success, Variety reported that the superhero film should be seeing its opening weekend bringing in anywhere in the $100 million to $120 million range. 

You can watch the movie when it hits theaters Feb. 16.

Watch the trailer below!