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Music fans tend to think musicians live wild, carefree lives, but blackbear gave fans a glimpse of his own gritty story with ‘THE ANONYMOUS SAGA.’

A short film tied into his most recent album ANONYMOUS, the budding artist shows that his life is anything but perfect.

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Following blackbear’s journey through mental health issues, substance abuse and a hectic love life, the video acts as a hard-hitting extended music video for “SWEAR TO GOD,” “DEAD TO ME,” and “HATE MY GUTS.”

“This is an eight-minute video mimicking an existential crisis I felt like I was having at one point in my life,” he tells Complex. “Everything bad that was happening seemed like it all tied back to one person.”

You can check out the new film below.

The recurring theme of drug use was ever-present in “SWEAR TO GOD,” reflecting on bear’s struggle with drug use and a time when he found himself wanting to “be better and be healthier.”

“The whole song’s about, it’s a serious song,” bear tells Lowe. “A lot of my stuff is kind of like tongue in cheek, but this one’s a serious one, and it was about a time where I was struggling to stop doing drugs, and I was struggling to stop messing around with so many girls and be a better person and be a healthier person. And that’s where I was at making this. That’s where I was at making a lot of this whole album coming out in April. It’s called Anonymous.”

blackbear is touring in support of the aforementioned album, ANONYMOUS, with a few dates left this summer. Tickets are available here with a full list of dates below.


6/20 – Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom
6/22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
6/21 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
6/22 – Helber City, UT @ Bonanza Campout & Music Festival
6/23 – Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
8/10 – Baltimore, MD @ Moonrise Festival
8/23 – Columbus, OH @ Breakaway Columbus
8/24 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Breakaway Grand Rapids

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