Blessthefall, Capsize
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Blessthefall have recently announced that Capsize will no longer be accompanying them on their upcoming summer tour. The news follows recent sexual assault and misconduct allegations regarding multiple members in Capsize.

Last night, Capsize cancelled their European tour with Holding Absence after the allegations. Additionally, the band deleted their social media and allegedly parted ways with one of the members who was accused.

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“We are aware of the accusation surfaced last night about the band,” Capsize say in a since-deleted tweet. “The member that has been called out has been removed from our line up. His statement is attached below. That being said, we are going to take some time to regroup and figure out how to move forward. Our upcoming tour is cancelled. We hope everyone finds their own peace.”

However, in light of other allegations that have since arose against the band, Blessthefall tweeted their decision to part ways with them.

Due to recent news, Capsize will no longer be joining us on our spring tour,” the band say in a tweet. “For tickets and more info head to”

The news comes after Blessthefall were approached by fans concerning their forthcoming tour. After fans requested that Capsize be taken off of the tour, Blessthefall replied that the issue was currently being addressed.

Additionally, it appears as though Pale Chord may have removed Capsize from their roster. If you take a look at the label’s artist lineup, you will notice that Capsize has now been filed under “alumni.”

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The band released their most recent single, “Pain In Purpose,” via Pale Chord Nov. 23. The record label was also promoting the band’s now cancelled tour with Blessthefall days ago. 

It is currently undetermined if or when Pale Chord and Capsize parted ways. Pale Chord has yet to release an official statement regarding the recent allegations.

Allegations against Capsize

Last night, many people shared their stories regarding multiple members of the band. While some of these people wished to remain anonymous, you can see their full shared encounters here.

“This is a pattern of bad behavior that should have been addressed a long time ago,” Twitter user @pastelwife says. “We are not doing this for pity or attention. After seeing other girls come forward about their experiences, we finally had the strength to share something we had to work through on our own because at the time this was seen as ‘normal.’ It’s not.”

“It’s saddening to come to the realization that there are people in this industry that will use their status to take advantage of their own fans,” a second, anonymous Twitter user says. “I urge everyone, especially those who are pre-teen to teen age, to be hazardous when meeting your idols. I met Daniel in person when I was 16, and I thought the world of him. Band members can seem flawless in every way hidden behind posters and lyrics, which paints the perfect image that they’ll automatically be the best person you ever meet, especially at a young, impressionable age. However, they are just humans. They’re another stranger. Protect yourselves.”

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, there is help to be found. Please consider these online resources:
A Voice For The Innocent –
Anti Violence Project (serves LGBT) –
National Sexual Assault Hotline – 800.656.4673
National Sexual Violence Resource Center –