Believe it or not, it’s been almost 20 years since the classic blink-182 album Enema Of The State was gifted to the world.

Now, we could be blessed with a full live set of timeless anthems from the 1999 effort that cemented the trio as punk-rock legends.

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Everyone’s favorite pop-punk dad Mark Hoppus revealed the possibility of an Enema victory lap in a reply to a fan on Twitter.

“Any chance at more simple creatures dates? Also, EOTS anniversary plans? Can’t wait for new blink. Please rest, you busy bee 🐝” @AmberKinion inquired.

“Yes I think we’re going to play EOTS in its entirety at Back to the Beach to celebrate 20yrs,” Hoppus replied.

Sadly, the question we’re all asking has already been somewhat answered: A Tom DeLonge reunion is wishful thinking at this point.

Hoppus told Pedestrian that he and DeLonge haven’t been in contact in a few years, and no progress has been made on a possible return for the band’s guitarist-turned-UFO-hunter.

“There’s been no reach out, or no talk of getting the original lineup back together,” Hoppus says.

Despite this disappointing news, Hoppus added that there’s no drama between the two and even wished DeLonge well in his research of the unknown.

“I think that Tom’s very happy doing his thing, and we are very happy doing our thing,” Hoppus says. “And there’s no hard feelings, and there’s no animosity or bad blood there. It’s just like I said; he’s doing his stuff, we’re doing ours.

“I mean, he’s dedicated so much of his life to [UFOs] and so much time and energy researching things and listening to people speak, and talking about it himself, that it would seem like a total bummer if he didn’t get a chance to fly into outer space and see for himself,” he continues.

Simple Creatures bandmate, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, even lent his support to DeLonge’s mission to prove “Aliens Exist.”

“I have seen David Duchovny blink sideways on a red carpet once, so I can fully confirm that aliens are real,” Gaskarth told Pedestrian. “He blinked and his eyes moved sideways, and it was a whole thing. That to me proves it. I don’t know why we’re still even debating it. In my mind, it’s confirmed.”

Despite the reunion rumors being shot down, we still have plenty to look forward to from current and former band members. DeLonge’s new History Channel UFO series is on the way, not to mention Simple Creatures’ live debut and the quickly approaching blink album.

Oh, and blink just hopped on for a new Steve Aoki song, which should hold you over until festival season gets here.

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