blink-182 get LEGO makeover in fan-made “First Date” remake

This is better than the original.

November 26, 2019
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blink-182 just got a pretty big makeover and its nowhere near what you would expect from the trio. A fan created a shot-for-shot remake of the “First Date” music video with LEGOs.

The video is perfect. The creator even made the video side-by-side with the original so you can see how accurate it really is. Check it out below.

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This video might be better than the original.  We thought you would like to check out how awesome it is for yourselves. Watch it in all its glory and relive the classic blink-182 days as classic toys.

The stop-motion video does an incredible job with every scene, capturing the likeness of nearly everything involved. Of course, we know that Mark Hoppus is supremely good at the internet so he probably knows this exists. And we imagine he couldn’t be more proud.

More blink-182

Kevin Jonas poked fun at his own band, the Jonas Brothers, when he joined in on a trend that’s making its way through Twitter with his own blink-182-inspired meme.

This isn’t the first time the JoBros and the scene have crossed paths in recent weeks. Who can forget Joe Jonas’ infamous My Chemical Romance rehearsal theory. And it was revealed on social media that he and his brother/bandmate Joe Jonas were seen jamming to All Time Low on tour.

User Emily Sanchez posted her realization on Twitter when she saw that seven weeks ago, Joe posted on an Instagram moment where he was across from a screen that had All Time Low’s So Wrong It’s Right cover on it. “Shameless” is also playing.

Now, instead of Joe, it’s Kevin.

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It starts with a new meme that’s been making its rounds on Twitter in the past week. Users post photos with the caption beginning “Gonna tell my kids this is…” Some of the posts with the JoBros are actually pretty hilarious.

Kevin joined in on the meme tweeting a photo of his group and saying they were blink-182.

The punk band responded to the pop singer with the iconic lyrics from “What’s My Age Again?”

If you add all that into the fact that Nick Jonas got arrested at a Fall Out Boy concert, there’s no denying that the Jonas Brothers are actually pop-punk.

What do you think about the stop-motion music video? Sound off below!

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Written by Koltan Greenwood