In a new interview with MTV, Blink-182's Mark Hoppus has revealed more information about the band's upcoming independent release. 

Blink is hoping to release a five-song EP on December 18, but are still not sure how many of the five recorded songs will make the final cut. Hoppus told MTV that the EP will “be something fun and funny for the holidays…But the music is the most important thing by far, and we are truly excited for people to hear new music.” 

MTV reported that the band have harnessed a newfound creativity for the Christmas EP, fueled by their departure from major label, Interscope.

“This kind of agility is exactly what we were looking for, post-label. We have ideas for songs, we get into a studio and put the ideas together, grind hard, chase that paper, and weeks later we release the songs on our own,” Hoppus wrote to MTV. “I spent last week in the studio with Travis and Tom. It was great, ideas falling everywhere. Lots of long hours spent on five new songs. … The band is in a great place creatively. Having everyone in the same room at the same time makes all the difference for us.”