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blink-182 drummer and UFC fan Travis Barker recently talked about Conor McGregor’s van attack.

Watch the interview in full below!

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Barker was interviewed by TMZ about his reaction to McGregor’s arrest last week, after the UFC fighter attacked a van at Barclays Center.

“I love him,” Barker said, when being asked about a tweet he wrote on the matter. “I’d probably done the same thing if someone punked one of my friends, or my son, or my daughter.”

“But it’s unfortunate other fighters got hurt and he got as violent as he did,” he continued.

The drummer noted McGregor was actually responding to an attack to one of his teammates a couple nights before. “I think it was loyalty,” he offered. “I can’t agree with everything he did, and I don’t think everything he did was right, but I love him.” Barker also added the fighter should be punished and has to apologize, but thinks it would be a shame if he didn’t fight anymore in 2018.

Watch the interview in full below:

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