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[Photo by: Leah Kelley/Pexels]

Russian artist Andrei Molodkin is asking for people to donate their blood for his latest piece of art.

Molodkin is teaming up with fellow artist Erik Bulativ for the second half of the Black Horizon exhibition. However, this part of the installation, Young Blood, calls for multiple, giant containers of blood.

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So why does Molodkin need so much blood, you ask? Well, according to Hypebeast, Molodokin’s latest work is meant to serve as an analogy to Soviet propaganda. The radical art will criticize censorship and current Soviet law.

The installation will feature three large, clear three-dimensional vessels, in which the duo will then fill up with donated blood using an industrial compressor.

The clear “boxes” feature letters and lines from “censored underground youth music,” according to the Art Newspaper.

“Andrei Molodkin’s huge installation Young Blood, immerses the visitor in a clinical and video environment in which letters fill up with human blood,” the exhibit’s website reads. “These letters form phrases taken from young people’s slang and offer a synthetic vision of culture and the preoccupations of young people.”

You can check out what the project will look like below.

The exhibition will run from Feb. 9 through May 19 at the BPS22, the Hainaut Province’s Museum of Art in Charleroi in Belgium. You can find out more information on the installation here.

Would you donate your own blood for the sake of someone else’s art? Sound off in the comments below.

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