Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney has officially launched his EDM-oriented side project, DIMIR. A new EP, The Resurgence, will be released from the project on Beatbort/iTunes May 19 via Crime Kitchen. You can check out the EP’s tracklisting below.

1. The Resurgence
2. Thoughtseize
3. Detention Sphere

McKinney states: “I'd say that this was the most interesting musical project I've ever had come to life. It was all written on flights to countries around the world for Born of Osiris tours. Most of the EP was written traveling through Australia, off the beaches of Pattaya in Thailand, and on whatever airline or flight came in between. I would put the bulk of the songs together with headphones and my laptop. Then I'd come home, head to my studio, lay down all guitar tracks/live instruments and mix it! Matt Simmers handled mastering (Terravita, The Crystal Method).”