Bowling For Soup
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Earlier this week, AltPress reported about TikTok user fntmsage and his modern version of the classic Bowling For Soup hit “1985.” Now the magnificent singer of BFS himself has posted his own TikTok reacting to the video. 

In it, we see Jaret Reddick holding up a really cool piece of “1985” memorabilia and banging his head to the lyrics. 

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fntmsage’s modernized TikTok version of Bowling For Soup’s cover of the SR-71 track “1985” absolutely blew up. It was so big that he even made another video talking about how he’s trying to release a full version of the song as soon as possible. The new, updated version changes the lyrics around to accommodate those looking for that early 2000’s nostalgia. It centers around the year 2005. 

So, instead of singing about U2 and Blondie, fntmsage replaces them with Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, the Used, Juno, Superbad and even Manic Panic Pink Hair Dye. He also talks about Matt Skiba singing in blink-182 instead of Tom DeLonge. Watch the original below. 

@fntmsageRewrote Bowling For Soup – 1985 to modern times! ##fntm ##singing ##bowlingforsoup ##1985 ##poppunk♬ original sound – fntmsage

Well, the video apparently got so popular that Bowling For Soup’s own Jaret Reddick thought it would be fun to pay tribute.

He does a side by side of him with the original and bobs his head along to the new lyrics. Reddick seems a bit confused by the Mean Girls and Superbad references in addition to a few others but is genuinely feeling it. He’s also holding what looks like the Platinum RIAA Certification that Bowling For Soup achieved for the single in 2008. Check it out below. 

@jaretreddick##duet with @fntmsage this dude rules! ##bowlingforsoup ##jaretreddick ##simpleplan ##poppunk ##poppunkmusic ##1985 ##1985bowlingforsoup ##poppunksnotdead♬ original sound – fntmsage

fntmsage was stunned by all of the love the video received and posted an additional video of him featuring some fan reactions as well as Reddick’s. He gives an update saying he’s trying to get the full version of the Bowling For Soup hit out as soon as possible. 

@fntmsageYou guys are the best!! Thank you so much. BFS Singer: @jaretreddick ##fntm ##1985 ##2005 ##bowlingforsoup ##sr71 ##reaction

♬ originalljud – fntmsage

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