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While a lot of people have been excitedly sharing their Spotify Wrapped stats, some users are noticing that Brand New have been removed from their lists.

Many fans and former fans are speculating that the band have been blacklisted from the site’s stats following their sexual misconduct issues that surfaced in 2017.

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Spotify users are reflecting back on previous Wrapped playlists they’ve had created and are noticing that despite Brand New topping out plays for years prior, the band have inexplicably not been included in their end of decade playlists.

Check out some posts below showing Brand New are being removed from Spotify Wrapped.

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Numerous users on Reddit have been sharing their stories of the band being removed from their lists and pointing out issues such as Chris Brown being included in other people’s lists despite also having sexual abuse issues.

Some people have also reached out to Spotify to see if they could get to the bottom of the issue. The streaming giant has been consistently stating they “can’t comment.”


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Some people are noticing other sites are still listing Brand New on their most played lists including

What do you think of Spotify allegedly removing Brand New from Spotify Wrapped lists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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