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Last week, people were upset that Brand New was allegedly shadow-banned from Spotify users’ “Wrapped” statistics and playlists. Well now, without a word, it seems Spotify has added them back in.

Fans speculated that the alleged removal of Brand New was most likely due to their sexual misconduct issues back in 2017. Previously the only thing Spotify stated to users was that they “can’t comment” on the issue.

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In the wake of a lot of angry people sending a lot of angry tweets last week regarding Brand New, it seems the company decided to shadow fix the issue. Social media posts are coming in showing Brand New being included in Spotify Wrapped.

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That’s better from r/brandnew

Since we can now share these and have them be accurate, here’s my top 5 with a runaway pick for #1 from r/brandnew

We do wonder if Spotify will put out an official statement regarding the initial removal in the first place. They might just sweep it under the rug.

What do you think about the alleged removal and restoration of Brand New on Spotify “Wrapped”? Tell us in the comments below.

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