[Photo by: Deja Entinder/Facebook]

Brand New fans are clearly loving Science Fiction, and out of all the amazing Brand New merch that we want to get our hands on—or wish we could get our hands on—this makeup palette inspired by the band’s songs is truly one of the coolest things we'd like to get our hands on.

See the best color picks—and our dream palette—below!

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It was this question in the Deja Entinder Facebook group that prompted it all:

And the color responses came flooding in:

[Photos by: Deja Entinder/Facebook]

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And in response to the over 100 color suggestions, someone made a sample palette that we are drooling over:

(We agree—we would deadass buy this right now, too.)

Let's be real: We'd drop any and all money to wear “Die young and save yourself” on our lids.

What are your thoughts on a Brand New-inspired makeup palette? Let us know in the comments below!