Brand New are currently offering their leaked 2006 demos for free download. This comes in light of them re-stocking the collection of songs on cassette. You can download them and purchase a cassette over at the Procrastinate! Music Traitors website. A full track listing and product description can be read below. 

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As of now, this is the only official release of Brand New's Leaked Demos from 2006. 

Orders start shipping immediately. You’ll have it by Christmas. We think. Try your luck.

All cassettes are red and come with a digital download.

Track listing: 
1. Good Man 
2. 1996 
3. Brother’s Song 
4. Missing You 
5. Nobody Moves 
6. Luca 
7. Fork and Knife 
8. Yeah (Sowing Season) 
9. Battalions

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