[Photo by: Brand New Archive/Twitter]


The internet never lets things die; no meme is ever truly gone. Today, we're reminded of that fact with the resurfacing of this hilarious, insane “remix” of Brand New's “Sowing Season”—the classic Devil And God track punctuated with rapper Lil Jon's signature “Yeah!” yelps, et al., throughout. Listen below!

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“Sowing Season (YEAH WHAT OKAY),” as the uncanny mashup is titled on the original upload posted by Clyp user Ben Cox in 2016, is a side-splitting distillation of audio that still leaves us in stitches. Is it an abomination or an achievement? The devil and God are truly raging inside us on this one.

The comments left on the Clyp sum it up nicely: “WWWWWOOOOOW. This is 100% lit,” “This is incredible,” “Dude, this was so wrong. I love it.” As expertly stated by @BrandNewArchive on Twitter, it's the “remix you never knew you needed in your life: 'Sowing Season,' but every “YEAH!” is Lil Jon screaming.”

Time to get the dang seeds in the ground… or, uh, get crunk. YEAH!!!

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