Hot on the heels of an activity-filled weekend, Brand New just deleted every post on their Instagram and then put up a new promo picture. Check it out below.

On Friday, the first of many lyric booklets for Brand New's seminal album, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, was received. In case you're not familiar, the booklet that actually comes with the physical CD version of The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me doesn't contain any lyrics, but rather a handful of seemingly random photos and phrases. Near the end of the pamphlet, however, there is a sentence that contains an address, which reads: “Please send $1 to *address* for a complete copy of the lyrics.”

These new booklets contain more than just the album's lyrics, however, as they also boast a flyer serving as “confirmation” of those beloved Brand New demos from 2005 finally being released, a dollar bill and a few other goodies.

This sent fans into a frenzy, as nobody was sure if the booklets were actually from Brand New or just some elaborate prank. With this move from the band, however, it looks as though something is definitely happening. What do you think they are are up to now? Are we finally going to be getting new music?

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