Brand New's latest album Science Fiction may have released in August, but fans are still waiting patiently for the “very limited” vinyl version to arrive at their homes. 

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The fifth album was originally announced via the band's own label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors, and fans have been waiting for some time for the copies to begin shipping in October. 

A keen Redditor, chatting with the record label on Twitter, was informed that the vinyl records are indeed shipping out now. So if you put a preorder in on Brand New's latest album, you should be seeing it in your mailbox soon. 

Previously anyone who had preordered the album on vinyl received a special CD (limited to 500) with all the songs compressed into one track. The album was put up for sale later, and now the actual vinyl is reaching its original purchasers. 

The band is also out on tour in support of Science Fiction, kicking off on Oct. 15. You can purchase tickets via presale offers right now if you're interested in hitting up a show, and why wouldn't you be?. 

Did you end up picking up one of the vinyl copies? Let us know in the comments!