Breathe Carolina recently released their fifth collaborative stand-alone single of 2015, titled “More Than Ever.” The track exemplifies the club-ready, synth-heavy sensibilities that Breathe Carolina have become known for. The metalcore-based aesthetic that originally drew them into our scene, however, is gone. No more screams, no more breakdowns—so where does that leave BC?

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In 2013, longtime member Kyle Even parted ways with the band in order to be with his family and newborn child. Even served as an antithesis to fellow BC headmaster David Schmitt. Where Schmitt provided melody, Even seamlessly combatted with maelstrom. The two maintained a dynamic that many musicians only dream of.

Following Even’s departure, Breathe Carolina released their most recent full-length album, Savages, which still boasted a strong nod towards their metalcore roots. Following the LP’s cycle, however, BC’s activity within our scene became sporadic at best. 

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As aforementioned, the band’s multiple stand-alone singles released this year have shown progression beyond what their previous incarnation offered—and contrary to popular belief, that is not a bad thing. It can be simple to write-off bands who “abandon” their roots for a newfound direction, but at the end of the day they are simply taking the appropriate measures to ensure that their musical identity remains something they wholeheartedly believe in. 

Breathe Carolina aren’t the same band you might remember them as, and that’s okay. Progression is natural. As fans, our job is to allow that change to happen in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

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