[Photo by: Jimmy Fontaine]

After the late-March release of not one, but two Panic! At The Disco songs, (“Say Amen” and “(Fuck A) Silver Lining,”) we’re all pretty stoked about the late-June release of Panic LP no. 6, Pray For The Wicked. But before we wanted all the how’s and why’s of the new album, we asked CEO Brendon Urie about his favorite Panic! cover songs—done by other people.

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There’s this girl,” he begins, speaking from an LA rehearsal facility where the band are practicing for their impending tour. “Her name is Brittany Butler. I watched [a clip of] her doing ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ the day after the song came out. I was so impressed that she learned it that fast and totally put her own spin on it. If I didn’t know I wrote that song, I’d be like, ‘Wow, what a cool song she wrote.’ That’s how much she owned it. Totally cool.

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“I’ve seen some metal bands do that song,” he continues.  “There was one called Hearing Shapes. They cover ‘Death Of A Bachelor,’ and the second chorus is all…” his voice trails off before he begins to imitate the sound of a hard drive thrown into a shredder.

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