Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie, Halsey and more are sharing heartfelt letters in support of the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride Month on Billboard, and they have powerful messages to share.

“Love is beautiful. I know this because of my fans,” Urie explains. Read excerpts from their letters below.

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Urie pens heartfelt words from the fans who inspire him endlessly everyday, talking in even more detail about a letter he received from one fan in particular named Vivian who expressed her thankfulness for the moment of love during “Girls/Girls/Boys.” It even gave her the courage to explain to her parents who she felt she was. Read an excerpt of his letter below, and his full letter is available here:

“Love is beautiful. I know this because of my fans. They have shown me countless times what it means to accept someone for who they are. That is pure love. The last tour we just finished was the most inspiring I've ever been a part of.

During 'Girls/Girls/Boys' fans would hold up brightly colored paper hearts against their phone lights to show their support of a community they may or may not have even been a part of. But this showed me that we ARE a part of the same community: Human beings.”

Halsey writes about the love and beauty in the LGBTQ community that she sees everyday in the world around her. Read an excerpt of her letter below, and her full letter is available here:

“And so I shout it. As loud as I can. In my lyrics. In my art. In a rainbow flag waving across thousands of pixels across my stage. I shout it in the faces of the oppressors and I shout it hand in hand with both my beautiful young fans, and the queer folk that I look up to everyday. 

Our beauty is in every corner of the world. In the fabric of our past. In the glimmer of our vibrant future. We are beautiful. And I am so in love with everything you are and everything you have ever been. This is my love letter to you.”

Read more of the heartfelt letters on Billboard here.

This isn't the first Pride Month team up Urie has been a part of. In collaboration with Spotify, Panic! At The Disco, Tegan And Sara, Troye Sivan and more have released special playlists to help celebrate the music from LGBTQIA+ musicians and allies.

Give their playlists a listen here.

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