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Bring Me The Horizon to document next album production in self-isolation

We can't wait to go behind the scenes of BMTH8.

March 20, 2020
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Bring Me The Horizon have been relatively quiet since they dropped their Music To Listen To… EP back in December. Well, other than paying homage to the Spice Girls at the BRIT Awards.

Now, in wake of coronavirus, the British rockers want to take us inside the creation process of their new album. Bring Me The Horizon are planning on capturing the entire process in a project they’re calling BMTH8.

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In a recent Instagram post, Bring Me The Horizon announced the BMTH8 project. It also implies that they are counting the Music To Listen To EP as a full record, which would put their total thus far at seven. 

The video shows filmmaker Brian Cox talking about how he plans to head north to start filming with Bring Me The Horizon. 

“I’m just here, packing my bags,” Cox says. “Getting ready to head up north. The guys have been at home working on BMTH8, and with the coronavirus spreading they’ve abandoned the studios and they’ve just been working from home remotely. So I’m gonna stay with them and capture them live, and we will bring you regular updates so that you can be involved in the recording process.” 

“You know, this is a crazy time, and we know there’s a lot of people at home wondering what the hell is going on. We wanted to do something to help us get our minds off of all the chaos. Stick with us. We’re in this together, and stay safe out there.”

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Cox also announced the project on his page. 

It’s been a crazy ass week hasn’t it? Fortunately I am stuck in isolation w my UK mates @bringmethehorizon ?? We are going to bring you guys as much content as humanly possible during this time as they write for their new EP from home. Hit the BMTH #youtube for notifications and feel free to engage with us! Its hard enough to distract from the madness out there but if you have something creative to put your energy towards, i suggest u do the same. Be safe out there! ✌️? #bmth8 #bringmethehorizon #washyourhands

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Frontman Oli Sykes added additional details about BMTH8 as well, while rocking his stylish facemask. 

hey world hope everyone is coping with the quarantine o.k, shit is upside down right now.. we were working on BMTH8 in the studio and obviously we had to abandon everything. We’ve been isolating since & are all well.. so here’s our plan. @jordanfish86 and our videographer @brian_c0x are travelling down to Sheffield to isolate with me, we are going to continue to write at home & even record some songs, we have everything we need to create the new record. & we want to involve you in the whole process- so from tonight, we will be sending constant updates of our progress, doing live chats and streams with you guys.. hopefully to bring a bit of joy & light to you guys in these dark times. Stay tuned, stay safe wash your hands & try & beat my face mask by @fabulousbeasts_ ✨ #isolationinnovation


All of the BMTH updates will be on Bring Me The Horizon’s YouTube channel here. We can’t wait to see what new content we’ll get as we go behind the scenes with one fo the best modern rock bands. 

More Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon dressed up as the pop powerhouse the Spice Girls at the BRIT Awards on Feb. 18. The metalcore unit all wore the personas of Scary, Posh, Baby, Sporty and Ginger from their iconic performance at the 1997 BRIT Awards.

Additionally, Bring Me The horizon shared a few details of what and when to expect new music.

The Spice Girls dominated the late-1990s like no other. Sporting hits like “Wannabe” and “Stop” and “Viva Forever” the five-piece blasted catchy, power-pop through everyone’s speakers.

Bring Me The Horizon, on the other hand, aren’t traditionally known for their pension for dance-fueled pop performances. However, they have collaborated with Halsey a number of times and Grimes. Well, who’s to say metal can’t go pop?

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Bring Me The Horizon showed up in hyper similar outfits to the Spice Girls performance and captioned their side-by-side photo “?girl power?

They even got to pose with Melanie C, better known as Sporty Spice herself.

In equally important news as Oli Sykes and the lads bringing the girl power was that Sykes and Jordan Fish spoke about upcoming music. Doing as rockstars do however, no definitive answers were given on much of anything but we know they’re writing again, they plan to record and sonically, the music has no definition.

“Yeah we’ve gone straight back into writing to be honest,” Sykes says to NME. “We’ve just been in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks. Just writing. Then we’re gonna start like, literally, going to give ourselves maybe a day to record more and then we’re gonna get straight into it. We’re planning on having music pretty soon to be honest.”

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When asked about how the record will sound, the band gave a rather vague answer.

“It’s literally evolving every day. Me and Jordan talk on the phone about what we’re thinking and stuff and it’s literally…we’ve got some demos,” Sykes says before Fish chimes in. “When we get started, we’ll see. We never know before,” Fish states.

“The concept and ideas of what we’re thinking are just different every day. We thought we might have an idea of where we wanna take it and I think it’s just going to be a cosmic force that keeps pulling us in different ways. So, it’s going to be unexpected again,” Sykes ends with. Watch the full interview below.

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Written by Koltan Greenwood