Halsey, Bring Me The Horizon
[Photos by: Bring Me The Horizon/Paul Harries]

Yesterday, Halsey had to, yet again, defend her emo upbringing. Even after defending herself multiple times, people refused to believe her. However, this time a member from Bring Me The Horizon came to her defense.

Of course, fans are freaking out over their wholesome interaction. 

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Yesterday afternoon, Halsey tweeted about the new Bring Me The Horizon record. After a fair amount of backlash, the singer quoted a critical tweet that portrayed her as a “fake fan.”

If this is about my bmth tweet I saw them live for the first time in 2009,” Halsey says. “Ur obviously new around here if u dont know that I was an emo since the dawn of time.”

However, Bring Me The Horizon bassist Matt Kean shut down any remaining non-believers with a tweet of his own. In fact, Kean recognized Halsey from the 2009 tour date in question.

“Confirmed Starland ballroom crowd surfer (blue tick),” Kean says in a tweet.

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This is not the first time (and, sadly, probably not the last) the singer has had to defend her emo upbringing, but we honestly think it’s time to put all the doubts to rest.

Let’s recap a little bit of Halsey’s history with the scene:

Only ten days ago, Halsey took to Twitter to debate what color she should dye her hair in 2019, citing My Chemical Romance as potential inspiration

“My brain arguing with me over whether I should grow my hair, cut it, or dye it a bright color” Halsey says. “What’s the new wave. Slime green? Gerard Way red? Lilac?”

A month prior, the musician went so hard in the pit for a the Story So Far show, she lost both earrings and scratched up her face in the process.

In November, she shared she was listening to the Maine‘s holiday EP …And a Happy New Year. Even though she was a few days early, we were obviously happy with the nod to the iconic record.

Halsey has also proven that she’s Panic! At The Disco’s No. 1 fan. She even joined Brendon Urie & co. onstage for an iconic performance of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” She has also performed with All Time Low. Additionally, Halsey hangs out with State Champs and goes to see Mayday Parade live.

Last but not least, there was that one time she bonded with Pete Wentz over a Rise Against song.

We hope this settles any further questions or doubts.

Why do you think people believe men in punk bands before women? Sound off in the comments below. 

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