Bring Me The Horizon bmth 2018 Alternative Press
[Photo by: Paul Harries]

Bring Me The Horizon have sent fans into a frenzy after posting some teasers over the weekend, sparking rumors that two new songs could be looming on the horizon.

Check out the teasers of the tracks below!

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The teasers were released for what fans believe to be two new tracks titled “happysad” and “you’re my only destiny.”

BMTH took to Twitter on May 11 to post one visual teaser with the caption, “you’re my only destiny” which you can view below.

Some fans were quick to notice that this track was also used in a Drop Dead Clothing demo about three years back when everyone believed it to be “Nihilist Blues.”


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⚠️Nihilist Blues Demo⚠️ There’s a high chance that this is a demo for nihilist blues!! This collection was released two years ago (pls correct me if I’m wrong) and in this collection there is a jumper with the print “Nihilist Blues” on it. They also had a happy song demo in 2014 & a remixed version of Drown in 2016. Credits: @dailyoliversykes with the help of @paescl . . . . . . { #bmth #bringmethehorizon #metalband #rock #metalrock #bestband #oliversykes #bringmethehorizonfan #bmthfans #dropdead #firstlovetour #sempiternal #canyoufeelmyheart #sleepwalking #truefriends #thatsthespirit #mantra #amo #salvation #mattkean #jordanfish #amobmth #leemalia #matthewnicholls }

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The other teaser appeared on the band’s Instagram a few days prior and soon made its way to Reddit.


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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ happysad ♥ #amo #bmth @brian_c0x

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Could we potentially be getting amo b-sides? Will we finally get to hear that unreleased demo? Sound off your theories in the comments below!

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