Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes has made our Monday, releasing never-used lyrics that have us feeling all the emotions.

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“came across some real old lyrics/ramblings i never used,” Sykes shared on Twitter. You can read the lyrics below:

“I’m so high
I feel like Jesus Christ’s
In my mind
Singing Lullabies
Don’t stop
Cos’ I want more
Never felt quite like this before
& when we touch
It makes me feel alive
Think my heart
Went into overdrive
Let go
Breathe it in
We’ll never ever be this young again
Oh dear God
I feel like suicide
Theres demons chanting
In my mind
Please stop
I need more
I never felt quite this numb before
When we fuck
It makes me wanna die
Its worn off
I need another line
I’m scared
Its too late
I’ve never ever felt so afraid
Clip my wings
Get me out alive
Lock me up
I need a place to hide
Help me
I’m begging you
This time I’ll try I promise to
Kill me now
No ones left inside
I’ve broke down
I guess this is goodbye”

BMTH's Jordan Fish replied to Sykes, saying the lyrics were a “Pre Doomed psychedelic close shave.”

Though the band have yet to formally announce their new album, we are excitedly awaiting its arrival. In fact, it's one of our most anticipated releases of 2018! The band intend to blend aspects of metalcore and pop for a more fulfilling balance, and we can't wait to see what they give us next. (We're sure the lyrics will be just as poignant as these.)

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