[Photo credit: Daniel Barrett]

WSTR have announced their debut album—Red, Green or Inbetween—to be released Jan. 20, 2017 via No Sleep Records.

The Liverpool-natives also dropped the single “Lonely Smiles,” the video for which you can watch below.

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WSTR released their debut EP, SKRWD, in Sept. 2015 also via No Sleep and have went on to tour the UK and Europe with the likes of Neck Deep, Moose Blood and Creeper.

“When we started the band we were all in a situation of waking up every morning, going to work, coming home, going to sleep,” says vocalist Sammy Clifford of the band's name. “It felt like we were just wasted space and not really doing much with our lives other than working.”

“To be honest, that situation hasn’t really changed other than now we’re really broke due to band commitments. But, this band has given us all something to do and to be proud of; like, we aren’t prepared to just settle for a boring, generic lifestyle and we’re doing something about it,” he adds.

Guitarists Danny Swift and Kieren Alder and bassist Alex Tobijanski complete the pop-punk quartet, who pull influence from popular bands such as New Found Glory, Blink-182 and Sum 41.

About the records influence, Clifford says, “This album is mainly a breakup album however it's not a 'fuck you' album it's more a 'mad at myself' album. The title, Red, Green Or Inbetween is based on being stuck in limbo or in the 'in-between.'”

He continues, “Amber is also the name of a significant friend of mine who most of the songs are about, so it's a pretty sad boy record. It’s all about kicking myself for not stepping up when I had the chance and coasting through life making bad decisions.”

“Compared to the EP, it’s still very honest but just bigger, better and longer. The artwork is a voodoo doll which is meant to represent me, as I sometimes feel like someone is out to get me with all the bad luck I have,” Clifford says about the difference between the WSTR's releases. “Putting out an album is a big scary step, but it's been a long time coming and we’re ready to see what the world has to say and hopefully see some more of it too.”

01. Featherweight
02. Footprints
03. Gobshite
04. Lonely Smiles
05. Nail The Casket
06. Eastbound & Down
07. Kings Cup
08. The Last Ride
09. Hightail
10. Penultimate
11. Punchline

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