buffy the vampire slayer
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Well Buffy The Vampire fans, get ready…the time has come to meet a new slayer.

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Last week, it was announced that the popular ’90s series would be getting a revival, with series creator Joss Whedon serving as executive producer, and writer Monica Owusu-Breen penning the reboot’s script.

Since the announcement, fan reactions have been all over the board on the new series. As with any reboot, some fans have been pretty stoked to see a new slayer coming to town while others, not so much.

With such a mixed reaction, writer Owusu-Breen took to Twitter to share her intentions of the new series, making it clear that she’ll be respecting the world that Whedon created all of those years ago.

Read Owusu-Breen’s full statement below:

For some genre writers it’s Star Wars.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my Star Wars.

Before I became a writer, I was a fan. For seven seasons, I watched Buffy Summers grow up, find love, kill that love. I watched her fight, and struggle and slay.

There is only one Buffy. One Xander, one Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Oz, Tara, Kendra, Faith, Spike, Angel… They can’t be replaced. Joss Whedon’s brilliant and beautiful series can’t be replicated. I wouldn’t try to.

But here we are, twenty years later…
And the world seems a lot scarier.
So maybe, it could be time to meet a new Slayer…

And that’s all I can say.

There’s not a lot of details regarding the new series, but we do know that it will feature a woman of color taking on the starring role made famous by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 1993 original TV series.

We’re not entirely sure if the new actress will be named Buffy, but we do know that the producers are calling the revival “contemporary, building on the mythology of the original.”

Are you excited about the new take on Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Let us know in the comments below!