[Photo by: Bullet For My Valentine/Twitter]

Welsh headbangers Bullet For My Valentine have cleared the air regarding their “drummer situation”—and just ahead of the release of their sixth studio album, which we've named one of Our Most Anticipated heavy releases of 2018. Read the band's official drummer statement below.

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BFMV have named Jason Bowld, the band's acting percussionist since 2015, as an official member of the band. Further, the band say that their upcoming record—their first since 2015's Venom—is “99 percent done.”

“In the spirit of starting a fresh chapter for Bullet For My Valentine, we wanted to clarify the Bullet For My Valentine drummer situation,” the band write in a recent Facebook post. “Jason Bowld has been in the hot seat since November 2015, playing every show. […] With that said, we'd like to officially welcome Jason to Bullet For My Valentine as our permanent drummer.”

Congrats to Bowld and Bullet For My Valentine! We can't wait to hear where the band go with their new album, as they recently spoke to AP about about the anticipated release and described their musical evolution on the LP.

“There's a lot different about this record, actually,” says singer and guitarist Matthew Tuck. “The way we've approached [it], the way we've written it, the sonics used, the instrumentation that we've added. It feels like it's a whole new beginning for the band, so it's a very exciting time.”

Check out BFMV's full statement on Facebook here:

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