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One man decided to try out a pick up line on a woman on Bumble, a dating app, and his epic fail is making us cringe so hard.

One Irishwoman with the Twitter handle @blaisinsquad tweeted some screenshots of the embarrassing interaction.

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The man first asked how the woman’s Sunday was going. However, he decided to try to quote “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2 “cuz bono …Irish”

The woman asked if he knew what the song was about.

“I feel like someone told me once but I don’t remember. Probably something gross,” he replied.

She told him to Google it and he apologized when he realized his mistake. The woman added to the tweet that all her bio said was that she was Irish.

The woman told Mashable that she responded telling him that he wasn’t “to know,” and he still tried to ask her out for a drink. To no one’s surprise, she said no.

It’s an embarrassing misquote because the song is about the events that happening on January 20, 1972 in Northern Ireland. Twenty eight unarmed civilians were shot by British soldiers during a protest and 14 people were killed. The event occurred during the Troubles in the region of Ireland.

So if you want to try to impress someone on a dating app with your music taste, definitely make sure you know what you’re talking about first.

What do you think of this ridiculous dating app interaction? Sound off in the comments.

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