burger king whopper
[Photo via bk.com]

If our Twitter feeds are any indication, fast food chains love to roast each other online. Wendy’s tends to reign supreme from their mixtape to their epic tweets. However, it looks like Burger King might be some worthy competition.

BK’s latest marketing campaign is sending customers to McDonald’s to get 1 cent Whoppers—yes, really.

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This morning, BK tweeted a simple, “brb going to McDonald’s.”

Confusion erupted, with some asking if they got hacked or if it was mistakenly posted.

An hour later, the fast food chain clarified the tweet with a statement and video explaining “The Whopper Detour.”

However, you don’t really order it at McDonald’s, just within the vicinity.

Customers have to download Burger King’s app and drive to McDonald’s (or at least within 600 feet). Once you’re close enough, you’ll be able to order a Whopper for a penny and then pick it up at Burger King.

Then, the app will actually guide you from McDonald’s to Burger King.

However, some customers are reporting it’s not available at all locations.

Business Insider reports BK recently relaunched its app, which now allows for mobile ordering, suggesting that’s the reason for the bizarre promotion. The deal runs through Dec. 12, and you can get more information here.

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