[Photo by: Burger King/Twitter]

In what seems to be the best April Fool's joke, Burger King has announced the release of a dessert version of its signature Whopper burger—the Chocolate Whopper.

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The fast food chain posted a video detailing the dessert burger that is “coming soon to your local Burger King. maybe.”

According to the video, the Chocolate Whopper includes a chocolate cake bun, a “flame-grilled chocolate patty,” raspberry syrup (ketchup), white chocolate (onion) rings, candied blood oranges (as tomatoes), milk chocolate (lettuce) leaves and vanilla frosting (mayo) to top it all off.

It actually looks…kind of great.

Check out the video below:

While the whole thing seems like an elaborate April Fool's Joke, Burger King isn't letting up:

Plus, they're being pretty savage about it:

Would you try a Chocolate Whopper? Let us know in the comments!

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