[Image credit: Fortune]

Did you know that you're not supposed to serve black chicken fillets? In case you didn't, Burger King was generous enough to give their employees a chicken fillet color code chart.

No I'm not kidding.. Check it out below.

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This inside look on what it's like to work behind the counter of a Burger King comes from Helen Rosner, who is also the executive editor of Eater, who tweeted the picture along with adding “Bless whoever left this glorious document face-up on the counter at this rest stop Burger King.”

The picture shows how the perfect sweet spot when it comes to chicken fillets is between a medium shade of brown, but be sure not to serve chicken fillets that are black. This seems like the type of thing that shouldn't have to be reminded.. Like isn't this something that should be on the Burger King job application? “Should you serve a chicken sandwich with a black chicken fillet?” If anyone answers anything other than a resounding no immediately has their job application torn up.

Check out the color coded chart below.

Burger King has served Halloween Whoppers in the past which featured black buns. Maybe that's where employees got confused?

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