As you likely already know, the inaugural AP Music Awards is coming up July 21, and one of the 12 fan-voted categories is “Most Dedicated Fans.” Nominated in that category are the fanbases for All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil BridesMayday ParadeMy Chemical Romance and Pierce The Veil. Now when it comes to fandom, there's no dedication more permanent than a tattoo—and this is where you come in!

We want to run a collage of fan tattoos in an upcoming issue of AP, so if you have a tattoo related to any of the above six bands only, please send a picture of it to [email protected], with the subject line APMAs tattoo: [INSERT BAND NAME]. (So if you had a wicked Jasey Rae tattoo, your email subject would say “APMAs tattoo: All Time Low”. Got it?) Please include your full name, age and mailing address in the body of the email, as if we choose your photo, we'll send you a free copy of the issue!

Make sure that your photo is well lit and its connection to the band is easily identifiable. These photos won’t be huge—a well-lit iPhone photo will work fine. Don’t use the flash; use natural light. We don’t need to see your face, either, unless of course thats where the tattoo is! If you think your tattoo is the best one ever, you might want to have someone with a real camera get a good picture of it. Non-iPhone photos should be 300dpi and at least 4”x6”.

So, to recap: If you have an absolutely badass tattoo that's in reference to All Time LowAvenged SevenfoldBlack Veil BridesMayday ParadeMy Chemical Romance or Pierce The Veil, we wanna see it, so send it to [email protected] today!