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Captain Marvel has finally been released on DVD and Blu-Ray and with that comes new information we never even knew when we first saw the film.

The film, which was Marvel’s first release of 2019, stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, or the titular superhero.

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The disc version offers commentary from directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. In their commentary, they point out a clue early on in the film that is very telling to how the plot plays out.

Early on in the film, Talos capture Danvers during Starforce’s mission to Torfa. On his ship, he and the other Skrulls used a device to look into Danvers’ memories. The examination reveals that Carol often changes who she believes kills Mar-Vell later on in the film. The Skrull’s head changes form which changes the perceived identity.

“If you look at it there’s just a touch of a humanoid form in that Skrull,” Fleck said in the commentary. “Her memories are starting to get really confused.”

“The ears disappear for just a second,” Boden adds.

In the commentary, the directors also spoke extensively about Goose, the Flerken, or cat-like alien, in the film. They talked about having GOose swallow the Tesseract in the movie.

“Part of the fun of having the Flerken in the movie was finding a way to make it really have a place in the plot,” Boden said. ““Like not just have it be a silly gag but actually have the Flerken become an important member of moving the plot forward, and so we didn’t always know that it was going to end up consuming the Tesseract and holding the Tesseract for us, but when that idea came to the table, it made it more fun.”

They also talked about Goose being played by a male cat in the film, but them previously confirming that the character was female. The main cat behind the character is named Reggie.

“Female cat played by Reggie a male cat,” Boden said. “Apparently trainers don’t really train female cats. I don’t know if it’s a sexist thing all the way in the ranks of animal training. They say the female cats are less trainable.”

Other Captain Marvel news

Before the film made it to Blu-ray, the directors revealed which deleted scene they wish they would have fit in the theatrical cut

Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) refused to answer Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) when she initially asked him who he sees when he talks to Supreme Intelligence. We know that in the film, that question is never answered. However, it apparently was in one deleted scene.

In a scene on the Blu-ray called “Who Do You Admire Above All Others?” Yon-Rogg is questioned by the person he admires most — himself. This, in turn, calls his leadership skills into question.

“I think the scene where Jude visits his Supreme Intelligence is really fun,” Boden said. “It’s just one of those delicious after scenes where Jude Law is playing both characters and being both brutal and vulnerable in the same space.”

We would have killed to see that scene as it sounds amazing.

In other news, comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has opened up about what other elements of the comics she’d like to see in the Marvel films.

In an interview with, DeConnick opened up about the character she’d love to see most in the MCU.

“Talos’ daughter looks like Tic to me, and I couldn’t tell if that was intentional or if Tic would, yeah, that was a thing,” she said. “I was like ‘Oh I love Tic. I would love to see Tic.”

She added that she would love to see a “grown up” version of the character on screen.

Tic is a Nowlian that is sent to look for help on Earth because her people were being forced off Torfa.

As points out, it’d be a great way to introduce Tic as Danvers is already pretty close with Talos’ kids.
Tic plays a pretty big role in the comics as Danvers’ close friend.

Captain Marvel was a huge success in theaters. It made more than $1 billion in the global box office, making it the 7th Marvel movie in history to do so. It is the first female superhero movie to reach the $1 billion mark, which only 37 other films in history have managed to accomplish.

Also, Boden is the first woman to ever direct a live-action movie that has grossed $1 billion.

You can see the trailer for the film below.

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