Cassadee Pope has discussed her decision to audition for NBC's The Voice in a new blog:

“Alrighty! If you are interested even in the least as to why I auditioned for The Voice in the first place, you won't mind sitting through this blog and hearing my side of things. I know some of you think I don't need this opportunity, think I'm too established for the show, or even think I'm too “famous” (no way!) to be a contestant. The cool thing about The Voice, and the biggest aspect that made me want to participate, is they don't try to hide the fact that they give well-established artists another chance; as they have made very clear with the past 2 season's artists. That being said, they also give artists chances that have had little to zero success in this industry. It's a huge opportunity to expand your fan base if you already have one, and just as important to create one as a new artist. Put simply, it gives the exposure that every artist dreams of.

I think some perceptions of fame are skewed. Sure, compared to your next-door neighbor who sings Karaoke on Fridays, maybe I am some sort of famous. But compared to superstars like Katy Perry or Justin Beiber, I am nowhere near famous. And that's the main point. I wasn't content with where my career was; I hadn't hit that point in my life where I thought, “Yes, I've finally made it.” My dreams and goals are much, much bigger than some of you realize, and maybe even bigger than I had ever realized. I love all my fans, every single one of you, and I thank you for your continued support. However, the one hundred-some thousand followers I have on twitter doesn't even come close to the audience that I have the opportunity to perform for on The Voice. I am extremely grateful for all the things I've accomplished in my life and career so far, and I will never dismiss the success that my band and I had. But the reality is we hit a ceiling, and we weren't growing anymore. The same could be said about my solo career; I moved to LA, contacted every single person I've met over the years, released new music, and met with label after label. Yet no matter how hard I worked, nothing was catching on.

I've had a ton of experience in this field, I've worked long and hard, and I have sacrificed a lot for an opportunity this massive to come along. To say I should be happy with how far I've gotten is not fair, and unjustified. I am extremely happy with every success story I have had, and even proud of some of my missteps. But I didn't start singing at 4 years old to make it “relatively far” in music. I started singing because I wanted to change the world and be a star.All I ask is that you give me a chance to prove I've made the right decision. I thank everyone (friends, family, fans) who have looked at this in a positive light, and am excited to change the peoples mind who haven't. I'm extremely happy to be a part of this incredible show, and am having the time of my life so far. So jump on the bandwagon and come along for the ride! Love you guys.”