MetalSucks and Courthouse News are reporting that British metal label Earache Records is suing the Century Family and their affiliate Century Media (home to the likes of New Years Day and the Pretty Reckless). Earache claims that Century owes them $250,000 in licensing fees and “broke a promise” to release a back catalog of “hundreds of albums.”

Earache claims that founder Digby Pearson was friends with Century Media’s founders, Robert Kampf and Oliver Withoft, for more than two decades before Earache entered into business with Century Media’s American affiliate.

The two labels originally announced their partnership a little over a year ago. Earache had signed a three-year distribution deal, where Century Media would take over all distribution of Earache’s physical products in the U.S., as well as assist with marketing and sales.

Earache also claims that Century allegedly overstepped their role as distributor, using album artwork and setting release dates without Earache’s approval. Also, the British label states that to duck payments of $125,000, Century Media sent a letter falsely accusing them of breaching the licensing agreement.